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It is really simple and easy to use. We have been using Klook for our travel since last year and booked more than 20 times for our travels in Japan, Macau, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. There is no issue at all! Remember to review the activity to receive bonus credits for your next booking at Klook.

Share Pin. We wanted to hop on to Singapore Flyer Flight but we missed it for a few times. Once it was closed for maintenance and another time it was closed for bad weather. In our opinion, this is similar to London Eye in London so if you want to complete your travel in Singapore, you must hop on to Singapore Flyer. We took Uber to Singapore Flyer, slightly expensive than the bus but it is faster and more convenient. We went there during late afternoon and we were lucky to experience the magic hour while we were in the Ferris wheel.

Singapore Flyer

The view from the top of the Singapore Flyer was spectacular and how the colour of the sky turns to reddish blue. The view of the Singapore CBD is also breathtaking. This is worth the visit in our opinion. We visited Gardens by the Bay twice. The experience is surreal especially if you are visiting the Cloud Forest. The experience during day and night is totally different so we will advice you to visit during late afternoon and chill until evening. There is lots of photo opportunities here. We must say, we prefer the Cloud Forest Dome. The huge waterfall is breath taking and during night time, you will feel like you are in a jungle.

Singapore Flight

There's no line-up at p. Unfortunately, I didn't see the night scene. I didn't buy tickets. There were discounts in dzdpd just now.

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Two small , send e-tickets, and I went to the inner circle of the Ferris wheel before p. I received the e-mail and went to the inner circle of the first floor of the Ferris wheel A blue front shop can change tickets. If you want to see the night scenery of Binwan, you can't go to Jinsha. The height of meters is equivalent to 42 stories, which is 30 meters higher than Millennium Eye in London, England. The first time I went to Singapore, I passed by in a hurry.

Although the second time was not long, the Ferris wheel was put in the place of punching in.

In fact, we wanted to sit on the Ferris Wheel and watch the fireworks show, but the Ferris Wheel queued for a long time, so we couldn't! Actually, it's cheaper to buy online in advance. The team is really long.

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The mountain road is eighteen corners. It took us nearly 40 minutes to line up and get into the box quickly. It's quite spacious inside. Transparent glass on all sides and two rows of sofa benches in the middle. Inside, there is a small screen to play the introduction of Singapore's classic attractions, including landmarks from the Ferris wheel. Turning around for about 30 minutes, you can see the beautiful night scenery of Singapore, which is made up of neon lights.

During the day, there is a blue sea view, maybe another beautiful view, maybe you can see the small islands of Malay or Indonesia.

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Everything was fine except for a few Chinese boys who were chattering in the box. It's no use reminding me of the beautiful scenery.

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Although all the boxes are Chinese, are they disgraced in other places? On the importance of educating children well. Boarding the world's tallest Ferris viewing wheel at 9 p.

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There is air conditioning in the observation vessel. Although it is hot outside, the cabin is very comfortable and rotates very slowly. It can hardly feel its rotation. It can walk around without fear.

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It can take pictures of every corner of Singapore with a camera. When you go in, there are staff members to take photos for you. At the exit, you can see the photos. I like this picture of our mother and son very much. It cost 20 New Yuan to buy a souvenir. Singapore's landmark attractions, adults are NZ 33, children aged 3 to 12 are NZ You can see the panorama of the city, the Singapore Strait, the coastal embankment, the coastal South Pier and so on.

It is absolutely a good place to eliminate the memory of the camera. It took 2 years and 3 months to complete the project, which cost million Singapore dollars. The Ferris wheel happened to meet the National Day rehearsal. I wanted to see the scenery on the Ferris wheel. Unexpectedly, the weather was bad. The Ferris wheel stopped selling tickets and changed tickets, and I was not sure whether to return the tickets, but I would return home the next day. We decided to wait, which led us to wait for more than an hour.

Fortunately, the scenery is beautiful and the waiting is worthwhile. It's worth going. Look down at the beautiful garden country from many angles! There are many interesting businesses on the second floor. Simulated flights and fish spa are recommended.