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Pompeian Recipes

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Bertolli Olive Oil Class Action Lawsuit Settled for $7M | Top Class Actions

Weight Watchers Smart Ones, 4. Near East Couscous, 5. Near East Rice Pilaf, 5. Rice or Pasta Roni, 4. Home Supplies. First, it might help to know what extra virgin is supposed to mean. This is the highest quality and most expensive olive oil classification. The oil is mechanically pressed from the olives, without any heat or chemistry applied. In order to claim this label, the oil is supposed to meet both a chemistry standard and a sensory one, established by the International Olive Council and the USDA.

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The oil should have zero defects and greater than zero fruitiness. Oh, the world would be a wonderful place if everyone was honorable. When a dishonorable company doesn't have enough oil to meet this standard and wants to commit a little fraud, what do they do? The most common deception is to mix it with a lower standard olive oil, but some producers take it even further and mix in a variety of neutral-tasting refined oils, such as soy and canola.

If you're on a healing diet, you're meant to avoid both of those oils, so it's upsetting to realize you might be consuming them unknowingly. In September , Consumer Reports published its results from testing 23 olive oils from Italy, Spain and California, and only 9 passed the test as actually being extra virgin olive oil, as claimed on the label. Two that failed? Bertolli and Goya.

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  • Two that passed? The University of California at Davis have become experts in the field of olive oil testing. Search this website.

    Facebook Instagram Pinterest YouTube. Skip links Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer Search this website. Testing for Truth in Labeling: In September , Consumer Reports published its results from testing 23 olive oils from Italy, Spain and California, and only 9 passed the test as actually being extra virgin olive oil, as claimed on the label.

    In , they tested 21 olive oil samples from vendors who supply restaurants. Chemistry analysis revealed that two of the olive oil samples were actually part canola a much cheaper oil to produce, with none of the taste or health benefits of olive oil. In and , they tested numerous samples of the most popular brands sold in grocery stores.


    Those that passed with perfect scores on both tests? So, how do you know if your olive oil is real? You can buy the brands that passed the tests in the studies above, and avoid those that failed. The catch here is counting on those results to remain consistent over time. Most olive oil brands aren't olive oil farmers. That means they purchase their oil from suppliers, trusting they're getting what they pay for a trust which is often misplaced.

    There are voluntary inspection agencies that reputable brands can use to prove their olive oil is truly extra virgin. The USDA now offers this service as well. Look for these seals on the bottles. Follow your nose. It's true that we aren't professional sensory testers like those used in the studies, but real olive oil smells completely different to an amateur as well.

    I ordered a case of bottles from an award-winning orchard in California. Just like the opening quote at the top of this article, I knew I would never settle for fake again. I admit I'm a bargain hunter, so in the past, I often chose the cheapest organic oil on the shelf, never questioning how such an elite product could be so inexpensive. Lesson learned!

    A great way to experience this yourself without committing to buying a whole case, is to attend an olive oil tasting. See if there is a specialty shop in your community. They are becoming more and more common. If a specialty shop isn't an option, here's what to look for in the grocery store : 1 A darker bottle. EVOO is sensitive to both light and heat and can go rancid if not bottled correctly. Olive oil should be consumed within two years of harvest.

    It is not unheard of for olive oils to be stored for years before they're bottled, even though they deteriorate over time. Making EVOO is an expensive process; the cheapest bottle on the shelf is unlikely to be the real thing. Look on the bottle for where the olive oil actually comes from. When you get home, do your own sensory test on the olive oil. Open the bottle, close your eyes, and smell.