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Print manufacturer's coupons from online coupon sites and from manufacturer's websites. Gather coupons from other sources such as store-shelf tear pads and the inside product packaging. Buy a coupon organizer with several pockets for coupon storage.

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You may need more than one to have enough pockets for each category of coupon. Label each pocket of the organizer with the type of coupon it will hold.

Be as specific as possible in your categories to make the right coupon easier to find. Organize your coupons according to the type of product they are for, placing coupons with later expiration dates toward the back of the organizer.

How to use Dollar General Digital Coupons

Put multiple coupons for the same item together. You can use one manufacturer's coupon per item and stock up on that product. Look through your local grocery store flier and note any items you buy regularly that are on sale. Check online lists of weekly deals for nationwide chains for more deals and unadvertised specials.

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Look for coupons in your organizer to match these products and ensure the coupon is for the correct size and variety of the item listed. Bring your store flier, coupons and shopping list to the store with you for easy reference. What they are: Manufacturer coupons are released by companies that produce products that you can find in the store or online.

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  • Can You Coupon on Amazon? Sure You Can!.
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Because they are released directly by the manufacturer, you can typically use them at any store that accepts coupons. This is in contrast to store coupons, which you can often only use at the store that released them. For example, a coupon for 50 cents off a tube of toothpaste issued by Colgate would be a manufacturer coupon, while a coupon for 50 cents off any toothpaste at Target would be a store coupon. When you visit GrocerySmarts.

17 Couponing Mistakes You’re Making at Target

This site typically has coupons for major manufacturers and big grocery brands that will help you save on foods, personal care products and many other items you'll find in grocery stores. You simply click on the coupons that appeal to you, add them to your print file, and print them out before you leave the site. It has hundreds of coupons at any given time, so you're sure to find something appealing here.

Many couponers complain that they have trouble finding coupons for healthy foods, but MamboSprouts. The company has translated those deals into printable coupons on its website, Valpak.