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At HealthNetwork we work really hard to connect with our members in a way where we are actually having a meaningful positive impact on their life with respect to health and wellness. Our goal is to be helpful in any way possible that improves an individual or families quality of life. It might sound corny, but all of us within the company have had our lives impacted in some way with healthcare.

For others, a life event occurred that highlighted just how important health insurance is. For those reasons and many others, we really do try to go above and beyond each day.

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That said, we think it is worth it, because of how rewarding it is knowing that we do in fact have a positive impact on millions of American families lives every year. For the last two years, as part of our Gives Back program, we have been providing anyone who simply registers with us, access to our Prescription Discount Card. It helps reduce the costs of prescriptions for anyone at almost every major pharmacy in the United States. We partnered with GoodRx on this effort, and they provided our members with an exclusive discount, and any revenue opportunity that HealthNetwork could have received simply went to the consumer at the point of sale.

Right now a lot of Americans are finding that their health insurance plans do not often cover their prescription costs, or those costs are covered only after they have met a pretty significant deductible. That problem is precisely why we went out of our way to find a great company to partner with, one that actually cares about consumers, in an effort to make prescriptions more affordable.

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While we would always prefer to be able to provide the most benefit to consumers with our own HealthNetwork Prescription Discount Card, we take our responsibility to you the consumer seriously, even if it means that we have to promote a service that is better than ours. Hide Disclaimer. GoodRx is a partner for many companies who are in the health and wellness industry or health insurance.

GoodRx is launching their subscription based service called GoodRx Gold. It is similar to their standard prescription discount card, or the HealthNetwork prescription discount card, but now with GoodRx Gold, there are even deeper discounts at specific pharmacies. There are two key distinct differences with GoodRx Gold, which depending on your prescription drug usage and requirements could mean greater savings and possibly a requirement to do a little extra driving.

Most often you are only going to see significant savings on generics. So how do you know for sure? We know, everyone offers something like that. Cancelling is very often purposely difficult. Canceling your GoodRx Gold membership , regardless if you are in the free trial period, or when you are a paid member, is very easy. It is intentionally easy. Pro Tip: That is actually one of the ways that you can tell if a service is a good one or not. If a company has a free trial or a money-back guarantee, but the process to cancel is like a scene from Mission Impossible, that is a big red flag.

Why is GoodRx making it so easy to cancel? Why not make it difficult like other companies most often do? GoodRx has very high renewal rates because consumers most often find a lot of value in GoodRx Gold. A little background information, and or a peek behind the scenes of the pharmacy industry if you will.

Regardless if it is a drug maker or a massive pharmacy chain, they are typically not big fans of companies like GoodRx. Why is that? So what does this mean? It means that not all major pharmacies are going to participate with GoodRx Gold. It means that with GoodRx Gold, you might have to go a little further to get these seriously discounted prices.

That said, depending on your prescription requirements, an extra five minutes of driving could mean saving hundreds of dollars at the pharmacy in one trip. GoodRx has been doing a ton of hard work over the years to get to this point there are at now where they have negotiated the lowest rates we have ever seen on more than 1, of the most commonly prescribed generic drugs. Often their pricing with GoodRx Gold is below a typical insurance co-pay. Not big savings over the standard GoodRx card, but it is certainly significant when compared to the cash price at Walgreens and Publix grocery store chain.

Again not big savings over the standard GoodRx card, but it is an eye-popping difference between the cash price from Public and Walgreens. Interestingly, CVS cash price on the specific prescription was very low. Still overall GoodRx Gold won this match up.

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More interesting though, is the thought of having to pay the actual list cash price without GoodRx at all. Crestor and its generic are one of the top 10 most prescribed drugs nationwide. There are always outliers, that said we believe that overall, for the most commonly prescribed generic prescription medications, GoodRx Gold will save consumers the most money.

So what can GoodRx Gold do for non-generics? It is used to treat individuals with Hepatitis. It is used in effect to cure an individual of a specific type of hepatitis.

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So it makes sense that this is one of the most expensive prescription drugs on the market currently. GoodRx gives you a legitimate free-trial offer for 30 days, so this is very much a completely risk-free offer. That said, and we touched upon this before, canceling GoodRx Gold should it not be a fit for your needs is extremely easy.

You simply navigate to the account settings section of your account where you will then have two choices regarding your account.

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You can keep it live as is, cancel it, or pause your account. So fear not, should you not find value in the GoodRX Gold service, canceling takes literally 90 seconds. GoodRx Gold has a very similar sign-up process to many other services that you are accustomed to using for the most part. Please note that some images in this review will have details removed for privacy purposes.

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When you sign-up with GoodRx Gold your screen will not have anything obscured. Our legal department has actually read it, and there is nothing within that is a concern for us, it is all standard terms of service language. From there you can then decide to add additional family members. In the example below, we have added a spouse to this GoodRx Gold account. The age and other sensitive information have been removed. When adding another party to the account, in the example below a spouse you have the option to share your own prescription information with that member.

It is very common that spouses or partners share rights with one another that give them the ability to pick up prescriptions for each other or access purchasing information at the pharmacy. Anyone who is added to the account will have to log in and provide the original account holder with permission to access their GoodRx Gold profile as well, should they decide to enable that feature.

All around these are great privacy and security measures. Once you have completed adding someone another party to the account, you will see a screen that provides information about each individual and the permission levels that they currently have. Fill out the form on the next page with your patient and contact information. Be sure to enter your cell phone number in the contact info section so that CVS can text you when your prescription is ready.

On this page, locate the pharmacy that currently has your prescription on file and click on it. Be sure to check the address below the pharmacy name before you make your selection to ensure you are selecting the correct pharmacy. Be sure to pay close attention to the address listed under each CVS or Target CVS pharmacy to ensure that your prescription is sent to the correct location. You're all set! You'll receive a text message from GoodRx to let you know that your transfer request went through.

When your prescription is ready for pick up, CVS pharmacy will send you a text message. We recommend calling your new pharmacy in a few hours to verify that your transfer went through with no issues. Support What is GoodRx? How does it work?